skill-kit is a unique platform that enables you to develop refined soft skills from anywhere in the world, through on-demand learning videos.

On , you can find a variety of video soft skills courses, presented by business and soft skills experts.

Each video course is between fifteen and thirty minutes long, and packed with valuable advice and easy-to-apply tools and techniques that will help you in your day-to-day at work, as well as in your personal life.

The online video courses on skill-kit cover a large range of soft skills topics, such as communication skills, leadership, teamwork, presentations and public speaking, as well as emotional intelligence and negotiation techniques.

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skill-kit is perfect for anyone who wishes to develop their soft skills and non-technical competencies, from anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a flexible solution and engaging content that provides you with practical tips and tricks, rather than dwelling on theoretical concepts and non-specific general advice, then skill-kit is for you.

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The soft skills video courses on are presented in English, with French subtitles.

The soft skills video courses on skill.kit are presented by business and soft skills experts with a proven track record of guiding their clients to surprising results through valuable advice and easy-to-apply tools & techniques.

Our head soft skills expert is Sabine Bastisch, who has successfully coached hundreds of clients from a multitude of sectors, industries and countries.

Providing specific techniques that her clients can put into practice right away, she draws from her vast experience as a soft skills expert, business consultant and conference speaker working with SMEs, start-ups and NGOs, as well as large multinationals.

Of course – you can get in touch via our contact form hereand request a quote for a 100% customised online soft skills coaching program with one of our experts.